Re-imagining ‘Food’ to
Celebrate Individuality,
With Soul.🌱

Grab a glass of green tea (let’s fake healthy for a second) as we unpack a relic of modern history safely tucked away inside the veggie-centric ambiance of a storied, high-end restaurant. WabiSabi (pronounced ‘wah-bih-sah-bih’) means finding beauty within every aspect of imperfection in nature. 

WabiSabi was birthed in 2019 as the foremost (and first) Vegan Restaurant in all of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located in a gloriously modern, exposed-beam setting in Saudi Arabia’s heritage district of Riyadh, WabiSabi set out to dish up imaginative fare—a hearty and casual assortment of inventive cuisine, outstanding cocktails and inclusive culture. Vegan enough to live up to lofty vegan standards for vegan guests, and alluring enough to pull in the curiosity of even non-vegans. 

WabiSabi’s heritage tiptoes back to 5 years leading up to her establishment in 2019, where WabiSabi was name-dropped during a chit-chat among friends. Like sticky nicknames on high-flying sporting icons, the name grew on the founders. And rightly so. They eventually sought, and connected with the spiritual essence of the WabiSabi philosophy in books and life. 

With the gift of posterity, our founders are beaming this free-flowing legacy, harnessing a channel that is genuinely true to its customers. And Like an ancient Sufi mystic in search of the truth, our operations transcend the boundaries of Saudi Arabia, even into Dubia. Today, we consistently churn out scrumptious plant-based food for our cravings, leaving some (food) for thought too! 

However, besides our fusing of culinary savvy and inclusion-heavy tradition, we believe we are on a journey to successfully building a meaningful, safe space for our clients where whether through our food, or retail product offerings, or atmosphere, we’re not just embracing our similarities and individualities—we’re celebrating them.   

A Journey to the
Heart of WabiSabi’s

You’re probably not 100% vegan. And that’s absolutely OKAY. 
We’re not a club of Vegan-skeptics or anti-vegans, but we’re also not a poetry society that believes in ‘go-vegan-or-go-home’ fairy tales either. The ‘WabiSabi’ origin explores the boundaries of the beauty in human diversity, the uniqueness of our individuality, and the culinary delights of the in-betweens. For our non-vegan clients, we offer a delectable mix of food pairings and choices, offering them exciting fresh takes that they can integrate into their lifestyle choices.